Review: Dr Bronner’s Fluoride Free All-One Anise Toothpaste

Dr Bronner’s: The Best Fluoride Free Toothpaste I’ve Tried “Anise All-One Toothpaste. Fluoride free & 70% Organic ingredients. Helps freshen breath, whiten teeth and reduce plaque.” I had wanted to try this toothpaste for a while but I am always slightly apprehensive when purchasing a natural toothpaste because I’ve had mixed feelings in the past. However, I was so pleasantly surprised with this product. There are some points to bare in mind before purchasing this product as it is very different to the way conventional toothpastes are. I think when… View Post

Review: Inika Organic Certified Organic Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid

Inika Organic Liquid Foundation “Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested. “For a luminous, even complexion, and medium coverage, apply one pump of the Foundation. For a flawless finish, use the INIKA Foundation Brush. Start in the centre of the face and blend outwards.” I was drawn to this product due to natural beauty blogger Emmily Banks’s review on her blog ‘Depths of Beauty‘ and YouTube channel, and because Inika is the only natural beauty brand to have 70% organic ingredients. After switching all my skincare products, I started to transition my make-up items… View Post

Review: Sukin Original Facial Moisturiser

Sukin Original Facial Moisturiser “Combines aloe vera, horsetail, nettle and burdock to soothe with skin healing rose hip, wheat germ, jojoba and avocado oils to promote healthy skin renewal.”   This is the third Sukin facial moisturiser that I have tried. If you hadn’t already figured this, I really like Sukin for skincare. The products are so affordable, easy to find, cruelty free and vegan.  Why I bought the product I bought this product because I have loved other products by Sukin and wanted something lightweight for the Summer weather.… View Post

DIY: 2 Ingredient Natural Moisturiser + Review

I made my own body moisturiser and it was super easy. I love to be moisturised, but I have to admit that moisturising my entire body is something that I generally skip. Simply because I get lazy about applying the moisturiser or oil, and then lazy about letting it sink into the skin before getting clothed again. I’m much more of a ‘pour coconut oil into the bath and lay there’ kind of person, but even then I have to scrub the tub to remove all left over oil residue.… View Post

Review: Schmidt’s Bergamot & Lime Natural Deodorant

Schmidt’s Bergamot & Lime Natural Deodorant “Neutralises odour and absorbs wetness. No aluminum. No proplene glycol. No artificial fragrance.” This product is mentioned quite highly within the vegan and natural beauty community because it is vegan, cruelty free, and has fully natural ingredients. Admittedly, when I first saw the name of this product I immediately thought of New Girl and the insanely humorous character Schmidt. I had to laugh to myself for that one. I also misjudged this product at first as it has very similar packaging to the first… View Post

Review: Pearlessence Sea Salt Spray Beach Wave Hair Mist

Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist “A light mist formulated with natural sea salt to infuse all hair types with oceanic waves for a breezy texture.” Admittedly, I wasn’t always a fan of beach style salt sprays. I had very long and very thick hair for years and found the sprays heavy, wet, sticky, and hugely frizz accentuating to almost unbearable levels. In short, I looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. However, now that I am the proud owner of a messy long bob I have been… View Post

All About Naturigin Organic Beauty 100% Permanent Hair Colours + Review

I have been dying my hair for years and one of my main concerns when switching to all natural products was the amount of toxins that I have exposed my head to in the past. Especially considering that our scalp is one of the fastest absorbing areas of the body. Luckily Naturigin, an organic beauty brand that sells hair dye, reached out to me and asked me to review their product. Naturigin Naturigin is a natural and organic hair care brand that sells hair dye and other hair care products,… View Post


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