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I love my OrganiCup. If you have no idea what an OrganiCup is at all, then you have come to the right place. If you can keep an open mind then this blog post might just change you life but I will warn you that it will be quite personal and to some people and slightly TMI (too much information.) For those of you are not sure what one is, OrganiCup creates vegan, environmentally friendly, reusable menstrual cups. An alternative to tampons, sanitary towels, or any other menstrual cycle products. I have used my OrganiCup for every cycle since I got it 4 months ago. To find out more and to enter to giveaway, keep reading to the end.

What is an OrganiCup?

An OrganiCup is a medical grade silicone menstrual cup that is used in place of a tampon. It is a traditional method of period hygiene products and the first cup was actually designed in the 1930s by a woman. A menstrual cup isn’t a disposable product like tampons and sanitary towels are, and instead they can last from 2-10 years depending on the brand. OrganiCups can last for 10 years!! That is the longest length of time that I have heard a cup of this kind to last for.

To use a menstrual cup, all you do is fold it and insert it. The cup then unfolds inside the body and is secured in place like a light vacuum. It can then be left for up to 12 hours to collect the blood throughout the day or night. To remove, you squeeze the sides of the cup gently to remove the air, pull it out, empty, and then rise/clean. I know that this sounds pretty gross at first, but I find it more hygienic than tampons which are disposable. Tampons are left in the bin and who knows what other person might come across it? Especially in public toilets. Not to mention that someone else has to empty the bin!

Below is a digram from the OrganiCup website that shows this cycle: click here to find out more.

Why should we use a Menstrual cup?

It is healthier. The cup collect instead of absorbing which is what tampons do, and more than a quarter of what is absorbed are natural a necessary vaginal secretions. This eliminates any feeling of irritation or dryness, and ensures that the natural PH balance is obtained. There also aren’t any added chemicals or additives with the cup, such as: bleach, chlorine, lotion, perfumes, and glue. This is one of the reasons that tampons are associated with the toxic shock syndrome.

It is easier & more cost effective. The cup is reusable which means the need for running out for a box of tampons every month has now been completely eradicated, which is tern leads to money savings. I think a typical box of tampons costs around £2-£4 (which x 12 = £48 a year) whereas a cup is roughly £20 and lasts up to 10 years. I have personally found that only having to empty the cup twice a days really makes going to the toilet easier. Especially during university days. I know that my life as a teenager at school would have been so much easier with a cup and not tampons. I have also found it much more comfortable to wear.

It is kinder to the Earth. I mentioned above about how unhygienic disposable menstrual products are. But because of the disposable aspects of the products, they just aren’t environmentally friendly. As females, we roughly use about 360 pads or tampons EACH per year, which equates to 3600 every 10 years. And with a population of people within the billions that is a lot of waste. Just thinking about this fact alone bothers me.

Information taken from the OrganiCup website: here.

Why I chose OrganiCup out of all the Menstrual cup options & My Experience.

I made the decision to buy a menstrual cup without any persuasion from any company. It was because over the past 6 months or so I have made the decision to be more environmentally friendly and conscious with my purchases. I have also dramatically decreased the amount of chemicals being absorbed into my body for health reasons, and as I mentioned above, tampons contain a lot of added chemicals that can cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome). Changing my menstrual products and deodorant were the first things I decided to change.

I had heard about menstrual cups way before I decided to purchase one, but one day whilst binge watching vegan Youtube videos I came across Bonny Rebecca’s video where she spoke about her using a Lunette cup. A Lunette cup is a different brand of cup. I had also heard about the Moon cup and the Diva cup but they all seemed to have mixed reviews. When I came across the OrganiCup I first of all noticed the length of time that it lasts for: 10 years. Whereas other brands typically last for 3 years (still a good length of time.) I also noticed OrganiCup didn’t have any negative reviews about leaking and honestly, I just really loved the website design. So I made my purchase.

I have raved about this product to friends and family ever since my first cycle with it. I have found it so much easier and I don’t have any irritation with it like I used to with tampons. I feel like a really conscious consumer from all the waste that I am preventing, and having the small bag that it comes with just makes it so much easier to travel with. I no longer have to worry about having tampons in my bag or accidentally flying out when I pull out my purse (a genuine fear of mine.)

I feel like there isn’t too much more that I can say about this product as it really just serves its one purpose. But to summarise:

  • It lasts 10 years and is reusable so saves a huge chunk of money.
  • It is environmentally friendly and saves 360 waste tampons every year!
  • Can stay in for 12 hours so is so much easier.
  • No chemicals or additives.
  • Doesn’t absorb essential fluids.
  • Doesn’t irritate me or cause dryness like tampons did.
  • Isn’t uncomfortable to wear – I genuinely can’t feel mine at all when it is inserted correctly.
  • Is easy to insert and also easy to remove.
  • I haven’t had any leaking problems with mine so far.
  • Can seem gross but in my opinion is so much more hygienic than disposable products.
  • Is easy to clean with a gentle cleaner: I use Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap.
  • When out and about, remove then empty to contents into the toilet, wipe, an clean when you get home.
  • Comes in two sizes; 1 or before giving birth and one for after.
  • I recommend this to everyone!!

A few questions with the company:

Business Name:   OrganiCup Aps

Personal Name: Willam Ravn (WR) & Ida Gjoerup (IG)

Job Title: Founder & Marketing Project Manager


1. Please explain a bit about the business: OrganiCup?

WR: OrganiCup was founded in 2012 in Copenhagen to improve menstrual health on a personal, cultural and global scale. Our first product is a healthier, easier and greener alternative to pads and tampons = The menstrual cup OrganiCup.

2. What do you hope to achieve with the business?

WR: We fight for a world where menstrual products don’t pollute our bodies or our planet. A world where menstruation is not taboo. And where everyone has access to a healthy menstrual solution.

3. Where did the idea for the brand come from? And what is the company ethos?

WR: It came from a desire to make the menstrual cup wider available and make it appealing to more people through great design, an engaging brand and an affordable price point. We’re from Denmark – a country with a long history of design that typically focus on simplicity, clean lines and natural materials. We wanted to bring such ethos to the world of period products and thus OrganiCup was born.

4. What does living sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way mean to you?

IG: I am not fanatic, but I try where I can. Making sustainable lifestyle choices is in the back of my mind – turning off lights when I am not in the room, thinking about how much food I buy so I don’t end up throwing out a bunch and obviously using OrganiCup. For me it’s about trying to find out where I can make adjustments to my lifestyle and just use what’s necessary, but still live comfortably with the things I enjoy.

5. How do you integrate sustainability into your everyday life?

IG: I try to always bring reusable bags when I go grocery shopping and I opt for fair trade goods, local products and organic food whenever possible. OrganiCup is based in Copenhagen a very bike-friendly city – I believe there are more bikes than cars in the city (!) – so I bike every day.

6. Do you believe everyone can live a sustainable life?

IG: I am not sure, if everyone is in a position where they can choose to live a sustainable lifestyle, but I think there is a lot of people who can and want to do their bit for the environment, but find that the sustainable alternative is more difficult, expensive or harder to find. So maybe making the sustainable choice easier would give them that final push.

7. How do you think that your product can benefit the consumer?

IG: Now that we are on the topic of living sustainably using OrganiCup is an easy way for women to decrease their impact on the environment. OrganiCup is reusable whereas pads and tampons you just use and throw away – think of all the waste! Not to mention all the wrapping and packaging…

WR: Often people feel that making sustainable choices is a compromise – this is certainly not the case with OrganiCup as 9 out of 10 find it more convenient than pads and tampons, plus all the health benefits. I think these benefits will drive the mainstream conversion to the cup to the benefit of our environment.

8. What is your best advice for other people wanting to get started and create a sustainable business of their own?

WR: Be really smart about where you can make a difference. Maybe it’s something that makes a small difference for a lot of people or maybe it’s something that makes a big difference for a few people. Both are great. And if you’re really ambitious: Go for something that makes a big difference for a lot of people. Like the OrganiCup 😉

9. Please share the most inspiring or motivational piece of advice that you have ever received.

WR: Stay hungry, stay foolish.


I am giving away two Size A (to be used if you haven’t given birth) menstrual cups that have kindly been gifted to me by OrganiCup and are photographed above. They are brand new and haven’t been opened. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is head over to my Instagram account @milliemelissahealth and follow the instructions on the image of the OrganiCups (it will be an image from this post.)


  1. Follow me @milliemelissahealth
  2. Follow OrganiCup: @organicup
  3. Like the Instagram picture.
  4. Comment a green love heart emoji in the comment section of the image.

Find & Buy OrganiCup:

Instagram: @organicup


Buy: here or here


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